The 10 Best Streaming Sports Apps For Every Sports Fan

Score with these great streaming sports apps and sites

The best streaming sports apps. Getty Images

Whether you have a favorite sport, a favorite team, or just love athletic competition, you're in luck. This is a golden age for watching sports online and we've ranked the best streaming sports apps out there. Some deliver the absolute best way to watch your favorite sport while others offer a more affordable alternative to expensive cable bundles.

Ranking The Top Streaming Sports Apps

If you're not familiar with streaming, check out Lifewire's explainer. Briefly, "streaming is a technology used to deliver content to computers and mobile devices over the internet." In selecting the best streaming sports apps, we focused on service quality, availability across platforms, value, popularity of the sport, legality of the service, user interface, and blackout restrictions.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV.

Our top pick was a surprise, but the fact is YouTube TV is a great choice for most sports fans. For $40 a month, cord cutters throughout the US get ESPN and ESPN2, Big Ten Network, NBC Sports, FS1 and FS2, MLB Network, YES (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) network, plus select local cable sports channels based on your designated home region.

If not everyone in the household is a sports junkie, YouTube TV also includes many popular cable channels.

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: YouTube TV is available on Android and iOS, most smart TVs, and on the web (Chrome only).  

PRICING: $40/month

GOOD TO KNOW: A single YouTube TV subscription allows up to 6 individualized accounts per membership (though only up to 3 simultaneous streams).  More »


MLB TV is nirvana for baseball junkies and one of the most consistently innovative sports streaming services available. Live games, an abundance of video clips, real-time data updates, insightful graphs and visuals, and home and away audio and video feeds come standard.

Subscribers get HD quality streams, can pause or rewind live games, and even view up to four games at once. Price and maddening blackout restrictions prevented this from being our top choice. 

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: All major platforms, including Android and iOS, Roku, Apple TV, most popular web browsers and smart TVs.

PRICING: $24.99/month (or $115.99/year) 

GOOD TO KNOW: If your primary reason to get an MLB TV subscription is to watch your favorite baseball team, make sure you check the blackout restrictions. You may be prevented from watching your "home" team because the MLB affords those rights to regional cable sports channels. Postseason games are also blacked out.  More »

fuBo TV
fuBo TV.

fuboTV is streaming sports on steroids. Subscribers get the many ESPN channels, FS1, their local Fox sports channel, NBC Sports, NFL Network, beIN Sports (soccer), Big 10 Network, and more, all live and in HD. Subscribers also get access to international sports, pus select college and regional sports. fuboTV also includes 30 hours of cloud-based DVR space. 

All this comes at a steep price, however. If you're ready to pay up, fuboTV should sate your sports fix. They even offer add-on Latin, Spanish and Portugeuse sports channels. 

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: All major platforms.

PRICING: $44.99/month (first month is only $19.99)  

GOOD TO KNOW: You can only stream from two devices at a time, which is fewer than other sports streaming services. Also, many regional sports teams and channels are not available. Make sure yours is offered before subscribing.

fuboTV only offers a 7-day trial, so be sure to cancel quick if the service doesn't meet your needs.  More »

NBA League Pass
NBA League Pass.

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and just like with the MLB app, playoff games are reserved for major channels, such as TNT, and not for actual paying subscribers of the official NBA League Pass service. But once the regular season returns, the NBA's streaming service rivals the MLB's. Subscribers can watch multiple games, listen in English or Spanish, and choose the home or away feed, all in exceptional streaming quality. 

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: All major platforms.   

PRICING: $17.99/month 

GOOD TO KNOW: NBA offers a number of innovative add-ons. For about $20 more per month, the "premium" package includes an "In-Arena Stream." This feature "keeps the camera running during time-outs and half-time," delivering a true insider's feel.

Much like with the MLB streaming service, there are numerous blackout restrictions. Depending on where you live, you may not get to see your favorite team (via the service).  More »

WWE Network
WWE Network.

If big-time wrestling isn't your "sport," fair enough, but for those that love wrestling, the WWE Network is almost impossible to pass up. Subscribers get every live WWE pay-per-view event, thousands of hours of on-demand programming, plus access to the WCW and ECW archives, wrestling documentaries, and more, all for a reasonable monthly fee.  

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: Android, iOS, PS3, Roku, Chromecast, XBox One, Apple TV, and more. 

PRICING: $9.99/month

GOOD TO KNOW: Raw and SmackDown episodes are available to subscribers 30 days after original airing. 

The WWE offers a free month trial if you're still on the ropes.  More »

NBCSports Gold
NBCSports Gold.

The NBC Sports Gold app offers individual subscriptions for English Premiere League soccer, international rugby, Pro Motocross, and top cycling events. Though it carries the NBC Sports brand, it is not a streaming version of what's on the NBC Sports channel. Instead, subscribers gain access to popular sports that until now were rarely available to most American viewers.

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: Android, IOS, Roku, Apple TV and popular web browsers. 

PRICING: varies by sport (e.g. $54.99 for annual season pass of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross) 

GOOD TO KNOW: There is no single subscription that includes everything NBC Sports Gold offers. Rather, you subscribe to individual sports, which are then made available through the app. You can choose from rugby, EPL, or track and field, among others.  More »

Love Power 5 college football? Crazy about March Madness? You still need cable to enjoy these. But for everything else, like college gymnastics, softball, baseball or wrestling, SportsLive has you covered – provided they have inked a deal with your school. 

SportsLive streams nearly 5,000 live events and 8,500 on-demand (recorded) match-ups. If your favorite college sport or college team is part of SportsLive, it's a great sports streaming service, bringing your school's action to you no matter where you now live. 

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: Android, iOS and popular web browers.  

PRICING: $9.95/month (or $99.95 for a yearly subscription)

GOOD TO KNOW: SportsLive has deals with over 70 major universities, so check first to make sure your university is one of them. Many Big 10 and SEC schools – hotbeds of college sports – aren't available via SportsLive.

Another downside is it can be hard to know what's playing when. Want to watch Central Michigan University baseball, for example? You might have to dig through the online programming schedule to find out when the next game is on.  More »


ESPN, the dominant force in sports broadcasting for a generation, has finally launched its own dedicated sports streaming app, ESPN+. Our early review suggests the cable-centric conglomerate got streaming sports mostly right. But in return for a low monthly price, subscribers lose out on some great content. 

ESPN+ includes "a selection of live games" from MLB, NHL, and the PGA. Select Grand Slam tennis matches, UEFA matches, rugby and Canadian Football League games are also included, as are the award-winning "30 for 30" and "E:60" documentaries. But the key word here is 'select'. Most of what you see on ESPN or one of its many off-shoots isn't available through the app. Think of ESPN+ as additive to ESPN, not a replacement. 

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, and web browsers. 

PRICING: $4.99/month

GOOD TO KNOW: ESPN+ offers a 30 day free trial and each account has access to five simultaneous streams.

There's lots of MLS and boxing to enjoy.  More »

Sling TV
Sling TV.

Sling TV helped jumpstart America's cord cutting revolution. Its sports offerings are top-notch. The basic "orange" service includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ACC Network Extra, plus popular non-sports channels like TBS. Buy the combined "orange" and "blue" packages and you also get, FS1, FS2, NBC Sports, the NFL Network, plus your regional Fox Sports channel. 

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: All major platforms. 

PRICING: $20-$40/month

Note: For an additional $5-$10/month, subscribers can get NHL Network, ESPNU, the SEC Network, NBA TV, beIN Sports, NFL Redzone, the Golf Channel, and Univision Desportes. 

GOOD TO KNOW: Sling only offers a 7-day free trial. Decide quick if you want to keep the service. 

Be careful in choosing your package. Though a lower-cost alternative, Sling mirrors the confusing "bundle" scheme of traditional cable TV providers.  More »

Okay, but what if you love traditional European sports? Then consider, a sports streaming service that showcases darts matches, German basketball, and a heavy helping of European volleyball, hockey, handball, and some European motorsports. 

PLATFORMS AVAILABLE: Android, iOS, popular browsers and smart TVs, but not Apple TV.

PRICING: $4.99 Euros/month (approximately $6.50)  

GOOD TO KNOW: There is a free version of, but the stream is of lesser quality, plus you can't cast that stream from your mobile device to your big screen. But it's a good way to find out if the premium service is worth it.  More »

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American Ultimate Disc League
American Ultimate Disc League. Getty Images

Not every sport has or even needs its own dedicated streaming service. If there's a sport you want to watch online that's not covered by one of our favorite streaming sports apps, search YouTube or Google. For example, the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) streams many of its matches live through YouTube. No matter what your favorite sport, there's probably an easy way to stream it.  More »

Not All Make The Cut

Some streaming sports apps didn't make the cut. NHL's app, for example, has blackout restrictions that mirror MLB's, made worse by limiting access to the Canadian broadcast feeds. The NFL still earns too much money from broadcast and cable network deals to make a streaming app worthy of inclusion. After repeated delays, F1 has finally rolled-out its streaming service, F1 TV, but it's high price ($11.99 per month) and clumsy user interface knocked it out of our top 10. We expect the service to improve as the F1 season progresses. It's also worth noting that we avoided ranking any pirate sites or non-licensed services. These typically offer a poor user experience, lack consistency in availability, and may be illegally re-transmitting content.