Midnight Club: Los Angeles Cheats - Xbox 360

Cheats and secrets for Midnight Club Los Angeles on the Xbox 360 console.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Rockstar Games / Take-Two Interactive

The following cheats for Midnight Club: Los Angeles on the Xbox 360 video game console are unlocked by playing the game, discovering Rockstar barrels, and completing the game. Please note that when a cheat code is activated you will no longer earn money for winning races (unless you have completed career mode once already).

Unlimited Nitro - Find 10 Rockstar barrels.
Never Damage Out - Find 20 Rockstar barrels.
Unlimited Special Abilities - Find 30 Rockstar barrels.
Top Down View - Find 40 Rockstar barrels.
No Police - Find 50 Rockstar barrels.
No Fines - Find 60 Rockstar barrels.
Unlimited Money - Complete career mode.

    Note: There is an image of the Midnight Club: Los Angeles map with all of the barrel locations identified located here. It appears the image was made by an IGN user by the name of junorion . Helpful if you cannot find all of the Rockstar barrels.

    Midnight Club Los Angeles Barrel Map (right click save as or click to view off-site)


    The following achievements can be unlocked in Midnight Club: Los Angeles on the Xbox 360 video game console. To unlock an achievement and the gamerscore points associated with it simply complete the indicated task.

    Anger Management - 20 points.
    Unlock Level 3 AGRO.

    Competitive Glory - 20 points.
    Win each of the 4 tournaments at least one time.

    Crossing the Line - 20 points.
    Finish 50 races online.

    Destroyer of Worlds - 20 points.
    Successfully destroy 15 opponent vehicles using the Payback vehicle at the Beaches garage.

    Everyone's a Critic - 20 points.
    Rate 25 rides online.

    Father Time - 30 points.
    Completely unlock a time trial by completing all 3 missions.

    Getting Off the Bench - 10 points.
    Enter an online cruise and join a proposed race.

    Go on Green - 20 points.
    Win 15 Red Light Races.

    Have Car, Will Travel - 30 points.
    Drive a total of 5,000 miles, including any miles driven online or offline.

    Hear me Roar! - 20 points.
    Unlock Level 3 ROAR.

    Here for a Pickup - 20 points.
    Successfully deliver 15 vehicles out of the Hollywood garage.

    How Exotic - 30 points.
    Beat the Exotic Champ.

    In the Lap of… - 20 points.
    Beat the Luxury Champ.

    It's How You Play The Game - 30 points.
    Finish 300 offline races. Winning is not required.

    Jordan Jumpman - 10 points.
    Spend more than 10 minutes in the air. Brought to you by JORDAN BRAND.

    Just Get A Motorcycle - 20 points.
    In a car, drive a cumulative total of 50 miles on 2 wheels.

    Master Thief - 30 points.
    Steal 80 flags while playing Capture the Flag or other battle matches.

    Mild Dedication - 10 points.
    In Goal Attack, complete every goal for one race.

    Name that Tune - 20 points.
    Beat the Tuner Champ.

    Neither Bird nor Plane - 10 points.
    Travel 1020 feet in a single jump.

    Out On Bail - 10 points.
    Evade the police successfully when they are in pursuit.

    Paparazzi - 10 points.
    Save 16 photos to your photo album.

    Postman - 30 points.
    Deliver 100 flags in Capture the Flag or other battle matches.

    Rags To Riches - 30 points.
    Have $1 million dollars in the bank while playing in Los Angeles.

    Ranking Up - 30 points.
    Win 20 ranked matches online.

    Retire the Master - 50 points.
    Beat the City Champ.

    Saving Los Angeles - 10 points.
    Enter the Race Editor, create a race, and then save it.

    Set To Stun - 20 points.
    Unlock Level 3 EMP.

    Streaker - 20 points.
    Win 5 races in a row offline.

    T-Mobile myFaves - 10 points.
    Join an online game with 5 of your friends. Stay Connected with MyFaves from T-Mobile.

    The Basics - 10 points.
    Complete one of the missions you receive in the mission log.

    The Winner - 30 points.
    Win 180 offline races.

    True Dedication - 100 points.
    All Goal attacks must be unlocked and every goal for every race completed.

    Turn in the Work - 10 points.
    Submit a vehicle to Rate My Ride.

    Two Wheels of Fury - 30 points.
    Beat the Motorcycle Champ.

    Uncle Time - 20 points.
    Finish the first mission for each of the 4-time trials.

    Unicycle - 20 points.
    Drive a cumulative total of 50 miles while doing a wheelie on a motorcycle.

    Waldo's Still Missing - 40 points.
    Find all the collectibles in Los Angeles.

    Wanted Man - 10 points.
    Pull over while the police are in 'pull over' mode, then drive away during the ticketing cutscene.

    What's a Speed Limit? - 20 points.
    Win 15 dynamic freeway races.

    Where in the World? - 10 points.
    Find half of the collectibles in Los Angeles.

    Who Made This? - 10 points.
    Enter a Race Editor Race online.

    Winning With Less - 20 points.
    Win 10 races on a motorcycle.

    World's Strongest - 20 points.
    Beat the Muscle Champ.

    Zoning Out - 20 points.
    Unlock Level 3 ZONE.